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Title Pulmonary Diseases in the Neonate: A Computer Assisted Instruction
Author(s) Larry Tinsley, MD; David Easa, MD
Source Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care, Pages 545-546
ISBN 0-8186-0647-9
Publisher IEEE Computer Society Press
Publication Date 1985
Abstract This project consists of an interactive audiovisual learning program in respiratory diseases in premature and term infants. It is directed toward the primary care physicians to help increase their knowledge base of neonatal pulmonary diseases. This program will teach common respiratory diseases seen in the sick newborn infant by way of interactive computer assisted programs interfaced to a video display terminal showing such things as X-rays, laboratory findings, and physical signs. The need for this type of program is shown by the increased population of infants born at high risk for respiratory diseases, as well as the centralization of high risk newborn care at the tertiary center leaving many physicians without the experience or skill to stabilize and manage premature and term infants with respiratory problems. It is hypothesized that this method of instruction will be effective because of its accessibility and practicability.

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