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Title A Laptop Computer Application for Neonatal Intensive Care
Author(s) Joel S. Stoeckeler, MD, MS; Lynda B. M. Ellis, PhD
Source Proceedings of the 13th Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care, Pages 595-599
ISBN 0-8186-1985-6
Publisher IEEE Computer Society Press
Publication Date 1989
Abstract A laptop computer system has been developed for the acquisition, calculation, and reporting of pediatric health care maintenance parameters used to assess fluid and caloric balance in ward and intensive care environments. A pilot study with inexperienced users of the system demonstrated shorter calculation and report generation times at all but the least complex test cases. More importantly, the system significantly reduces the proportion of errors made at all levels of complexity (p < 0.001). This system has proved to be a valuable bedside companion. [The system was implemented in BASIC on the Tandy Model 100 and 102 portable computers.]

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