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Title A Computer Program for Digitalis Dosage Regimens
Author(s) Roger W. Jelliffe; June Buell; Robert Kalaba; R. Sridhar; Richard Rockwell
Source Mathematical Biosciences, Vol. 9, Pages 179-193
Publication Date 1970
Abstract A computer program written for a commercial time-shared system is described, which will develop dosage regimens of four common digitalis preparations. It has been used as a telephone aid to calling physicians. Dosage regimens of digitalis leaf, digitoxin, digoxin, and Cedilanid-D are adjusted to the patient's weight, renal function, route of administration, and present computed concentrations of glycoside. They will replace one glycoside with another, maintaining an essentially constant peak computed body glycoside level throughout the transition period and thereafter. The mathematical descriptions employed are highly correlated with measured glycoside concentrations in plasma, serum, myocardium, and urine. Use of this program for the past two years has reduced adverse reactions to glycoside therapy from 31 percent to 12 percent, a highly significant difference (p < 0.01).

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