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Title A Computer Primer for Pediatricians
Author(s) Donald E. Lighter
Source American Journal of Diseases in Children, Vol. 141, Pages 871-877
Publication Date August 1987
Abstract Although most physicians acknowledge that computers would be useful in their practices, many are hesitant to "plunge right in" and integrate computers into their lives. Often the discomfort with new technology hampers a physician's willingness to succumb to the lure of these machines that have become the wonders of the 1980s. Similarly, some of the horror stories that have cropped up in the popular literature describing bad experiences with computers have served to increase the apprehension. For the past three years, the American Academy of Pediatrics has provided seminars to acquaint pediatricians with computers and several hundred pediatricians have come to appreciate the multitude of uses for computers in their personal lives. The article summarizes those presentations and hopefully will stimulate the learning process in new users.

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