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Title A Computer-based Medical Record
Author(s) Joseph M. Kiely, MD; John L. Juergens, MD; Bradner L. Hisey, MD; and Paul E. Williams
Source JAMA, Vol. 205, No. 8, Pages 99-104
Publication Date August 19, 1968
Abstract The Mayo Clinic has had preliminary experience with a computer-input system which employs video screen and light-pen and allows the physician to use ordinary English language for entry and retrieval of historical and physical examination data. The system allows the clinician convenient, rapid, direct interaction with a computer-based, medical-information system. Use of this technique results in clinical records that are carefully formatted, complete and legible, and easily retrievable either on the video screen or as printed copy. These improved attributes of the clinical record should result in better patient care and facilitate retrieval of data for clinical research.

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