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Title An Automated "Well-Baby" Questionnaire
Author(s) Mark H. Pearlman, MD; W. Edward Hammond, PhD; and Howard K. Thompson, Jr, MD
Source Pediatrics, Vol. 51, No. 6, Pages 972-979
Publication Date June, 1973
Abstract An on-line, computer-based, self-administered questionnaire has been tested using patients 1 to 27 months of age (majority < 8 months), randomly selected from a public well-baby clinic. The questionnaire covers areas of past health, development, immunizations, feeding history, present health, and parental attitudes. It was administered via a video terminal to 71 mothers of about 10th to 12th grade educational levels and was satisfactorily completed by all in an average time of 17.8 minutes (range 9-40 minutes, with two > 25 minutes). Computer printouts provided to clinic physicians included mother's responses to questions and pinpointed certain identifiable problem areas (e.g., check cardiac status, check renal status, tell parents not to prop bottle while feeding, talk with parent about burping, mother has some questions she wants to ask you). Results indicate acceptance of the questionnaire by 95% of the mothers and substantial agreement between the findings recorded in the printouts and those recorded independently by clinic physicians. Discrepancies were noted where the computer picked up information not recorded by the clinic physicians (e.g. mother's complaints, type of formula, how mixed, amounts given and how often, parental attitudes).

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