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Title Analysis of Respiration by an On-Line Digital Computer System
Author(s) F. John Lewis, MD; Takeshi Shimizu, MD; Agnes L. Scofield, RN; Peter S. Rosi, MD
Source Annals of Surgery, Vol. 164, No. 4, Pages 547-557
Publication Date October, 1966
Abstract To aid in making measurements of respiration in postoperative patients, a system has been assembled which employs a 1710 IBM computer for on-line analysis. With this system 1 1/3 minutes of breathing are analyzed and printing of results starts about a minute after completion of the breathing test. The effectiveness of tracheal aspiration in improving breathing mechanics has been documented with this system and studies of oxygen administration in postoperative patients have been made. Further development of a monitoring system employing on-line digital computation is discussed.

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