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Title A System for Computerized Automated Blood Gas Analaysis: Its Use in Newborn Infants with Respiratory Distress
Author(s) L. George Veasy, MD; Justin S. Clark, PhD; Larry Jung, MD; and Jarrell L. Jenkins
Source Pediatrics, Vol. 48, No. 1, Pages 5-17
Publication Date July, 1971
Abstract An automated system for an on-line, real-time computerized determination of arterial blood pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide, and pH has been developed at the Primary Children's Hospital [Salt Lake City]. The determinations are made from a 0.3 ml sample of blood withdrawn automatically under computer control from an indwelling arterial catheter. The results are displayed nearly immediately in alpha-numeric terms on a memory scope at the cribside. Laboratory evaluation and a limited clinical experience with six patients indicate the system to be a safe method for accurate and close monitoring of critically ill infants and is particularly applicable to use in the respiratory distress syndrome. The system is known as CABAS, a term coined from "Computerized Automated Blood Analysis System."

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