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Title Computer Utilization for Intravenous Nutrition in Surgical Neonates Preliminary Report
Author(s) Dan S. Sharp and John C. German
Source Journal of Pediatric Surgery, Vol. 12, No. 2, Pages 189-193
Publication Date April, 1977
Abstract A program was developed to store important numerical clinical data such as daily wieghts, intravenous caloric intake, and laboratory test results on surgical neonates who required total intravenous nutrition. Preliminary experience with the data from the first 5 surgical neonates requiring intravenous nutrition indicated that this data processing is easily achieved. Data retrieval by the development of output programs provided rapid access to stored records, rapid data tabulation, and graphic print-out of parameters, such as intravenous calories per kilogram per day and weight gain, that can be placed in the patient's record.

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