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Title Design and Development of a Multi-Channel Signal Acquisition System for Recording and Apnea Waveform Database
Author(s) Michael K. Leverich; Jeffrey L. Silberberg; Sandy Weininger
Source Proceedings of the 1994 IEEE Seventh Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems, Pages 213-216
ISBN 0-8186-6257-3
Publisher IEEE Computer Society Press
Publication Date 1994
Abstract A signal-acquisition system for recording high-fidelity physiologic waveforms from infants in a sleep lab is described. The acquired signals are intended to be annotated and assembled into a multiple channel database to be used for testing the effectiveness of apnea monitors. Such a database would have significant advantages over present patient simulators, which supply simple artificial waveforms. The custom recording system described here overcomes many limitations typically encountered with commercially available equipment. For instrumentation, the system uses commercial monitors which have been internally modified for wide bandwidth and DC response. Analog outputs from monitors are digitized with locally dedicated, oversampling, delta-sigma analog-to-digital (A/D) converters to twisted-pair, serial transmission links to a data-collection subsystem. This subsystem is used to interface the digitized instrumentation outputs to a high-speed data port (HP-GPIO) on a 68040-based computer operating under UNIX. The computer provides system control, storage, user interface, and display functions. This acquisition system is flexible and modular, which allows signal channels to be easily added or removed without hardware modification.

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