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Title A cotside microcomputer monitoring system for use in the neonatal intensive care unit
Author(s) R. E. Dugdale and G. T. Lealman
Source Clin. Phys. Physiol. Meas., Vol. 4, Pages 373-380
Publication Date 1983
Abstract A dedicated cotside microcomputer unit is described. It is designed to collect and to display graphically all continuously recorded variables from an infant in a neonatal intensive care unit. The data are collected from existing monitoring equipment and the graphical displays demonstrate both short and long term trends in data. In addition, the system allows data collected intermittently to be entered on a simple keyboard and to be displayed on plots that are time-correlated with the on-line data displays. A permanent record of the monitoring interval may be generated and the facility for closed-loop control of the partial pressure of arterial oxygen is being developed for integration into the system. [The application was based on a S-100 bus Z-80 microcomputer with 24 KB of RAM, 8 KB of EPROM, a keypad, and a memory mapped graphics board.]

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