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Title Computerized Estimates of Functional Residual Capacity in Infants
Author(s) Peter Richardson, William Galway, Steven Olsen, and J. Bert Bunnell
Source Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 9, Pages 243-255
Publication Date 1981
Abstract The methods presently available for measuring FRC of newborn infants are impractical and used primarily as research tools. This report describes a new device for estimating FRC which is accurate, reproducible, and practical for use on critically ill infants in the intensive care unit. Measurements are made using either (1) standard multiple breath N2 washout or (2) a new 4-breath N2 washout method of estimating FRC. Automating the measurements with a microcomputer reduced the time required for data reduction from 15 minutes to less than a minute; thus, repeated measurements may be made even in critically ill infants suffering from RDS whose FRC may be relatively unstable. Breathing O2 for only 4 breaths also reduces possible damaging effects of O2 such as retinopathy and absorption atelectasis.

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