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Title Use of Microcomputers in the Division of General Pediatrics
Author(s) William Schwartz, MD; and Larry Hammer, MD
Source Pediatrics, Vol. 71, No. 3, Pages 328-332
Publication Date March, 1983
Abstract Uses of a microcomputer in a division of general pediatrics are described. Various software systems for word processing (AppleWriter and ApplePie), data base management (DB Master), electronic worksheets (VisiCalc), statistics (MicroStat), and medical education (CAMPS, Pilot) are evaluated. The important first step in develpoing a program for microcomputers is to determine the department's needs and then match these requirements with appropriate commercial programs. Programming a system is complex, time consuming, and beyond the skills of most physicians. It is better to have equipment that can be expanded than to purchase equipment with greater than necessary capacity (and cost).

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