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Title Design of a Data-Acquisition System for Monitoring Sleep Organization in Preterm Infants
Author(s) Budimir S. Drakulic, PhD; James A. Garbanati, PhD; and Michael N. Gold, PhD
Source Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology, Vol. 23, Pages 44-49
Publication Date Jan/Feb 1989
Abstract A portable data-acquisition system suitable for long-term noninvasive monitoring of physiologic and behaviorable variables in preterm infants is described. The system includes two video cameras, a video screen-splitter and amplifier, a time-lapse video recorder, a microphone, a force-responsive transducer, an analog signal conditioner, and two microcomputers. One microcomputer, located in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), acquires electrophysiologic signals and preprocesses data in real time, during a continuous 48-hour session. After each session, the data file is transferred by telephone line to the other microcomputer, located in a laboratory, for editing, reduction, display, and final analysis. This arrangement enables non-invasive and non-intrusive monitoring, which is crucial for long-term recording of sleep-wake state organization of preterm infants.

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