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Title A Complete Computerized Program for Nutritional Management in the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery
Author(s) Rita G. Harper, MD; Eduvigis Carrera, MD, PhD; Stuart Weiss, MD; and Michael Luongo, MD
Source American Journal of Perinatology, Vol. 2, No. 2, Pages 161-162
Publication Date April, 1985
Abstract A computerized program in BASIC, which integrates the infant's fluid and nutritional requirements per gestational age and weight with the infant's postpartum age, was developed using the Apple II Plus microcomputer, dual floppy disks, and an Epson printer. Daily requirements of fluids, proteins, fat, CHO, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements are computed. For reference, the program displays the composition and indications for intravenous and hyperalimentation solutions, mature human milk, and 14 commercial formulas. Safety limits to prevent overload or deficient formulations are strategically displayed, warning the physician about possible complications and gradually orienting him toward achieving optimum nutritional balance in the patient. The nutritional intake, weight, and other important clinical variables are stored and retrieved for future evaluation. The flexibility of the program allows for modifications in intravenous and oral composition according to clinical requirements. The program improves the efficiency of the arduous daily formulation of nutritional needs, reduces the possibility of human error, facilitates the calculation process, diminishes time spent on the calculations, and increases the ease of nutritional data retrieval and the development of output programs.

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