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Title Selection of an obstetric data base for a microcomputer and its use for on-line production of birth notification forms, discharge summaries, and perinatal audit
Author(s) M. Maresh, R. W. Beard, D. Combe, A. M. Dawson, M. D. G. Gillmer, G. Smith, P. J. Steer
Source British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Vol. 90, Pages 227-231
Publication Date March 1983
Abstract A microcomputer system is described which stores data for perinatal audit and produces 'on-line' the statutory birth notification form and mother and baby discharge summary. The derivation of a minimum database and the methods used to obtain reliable data are outlined. The results of a trial of the production of the birth notification form for 195 deliveries are reported together with those of a further trial of 86 deliveries in which the system was used to produce both the notification form and the discharge summary. A summary of the accuracy of the handwritten birth notification forms revealed a high error rate which was markedly reduced by use of the microcomputer system.. The system is now in routine use and further developments are outlined. [Note - this is primarily an obstetric paper but the database was also used to generate neonatal statistics and reports; hence its inclusion in this bibliography of computers in neonatology.]

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