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Title Neonatal workstation for inspired oxygen control and monitoring
Author(s) Y. Sun and I. Kohane
Source Spring Symposium of AAAI: Interpreting Clinical Data (Kohane and Uckuns, Editors)
Publisher AAAI Press
Publication Date 1994
Abstract The control of oxygen delivery to mechanically ventilated newborn infants is a time intensive process that must balance adequate tissue oxygenation against possible toxic effects of oxygen exposure. Investigation in computer-assisted control of ventilation is increasing, although there are very few studies involving newborn infants. We have implemented a fuzzy controller for the adjustment of inspired oxygen concentration (FiO2) in ventilated newborns. The controller utilizes rules produced by neonatologists, and operates in real-time. A clinical trial of this controller is currently taking place in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of Children's Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts. The full text of this paper is available on-line.

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