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Title Antimicrobial Selection by a Computer: A Blinded Evaluation by Infectious Diseases Experts
Author(s) Victor L. Yu, MD, Lawrence M. Fagan, Sharon M. Wraith, William J. Clancey, A. Carlisle Scott, MS, John Hannigan, MS, Robert L. Blum, MD, Bruce G. Buchanan, PhD, Stanley N. Cohen, MD
Source JAMA, Vol. 242, No. 12, Pages 1279-1282
Publication Date September 21, 1979
Abstract An evaluation of a computer-based consultation system called MYCIN was made. Eight independent evaluators with special expertise in the management of meningitis compared MYCIN's choice of antimicrobials with the choices of nine human prescribers for ten test cases of meningitis. MYCIN received an acceptability rating of 65% by the evaluators; the corresponding ratings for acceptability of the regimen prescribed by the five faculty specialists ranged from 42.5% to 62.5%. The system never failed to cover a treatable pathogen while demonstrating efficiency in minimizing the number of antimicrobials prescribed. The study design may be useful in assessing the performance of other computer-based clinical decision-making systems.

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